Pharmaceutical Law

The Office possesses a wealth of experience relating to pharmaceutical and life science law and our team includes the co-authors of the first commentary on the Pharmaceutical Act in Poland.
We provide a comprehensive advisory service in cases of pharmaceutical law, concerning the advertising and promotion of medicines, pharmacy advertising, clinical research, registration and distribution, parallel import of medicinal products, refunding of medicines, medicinal products, food for special dietary uses and medical devices, wholesale and retail trade and in other issues concerning the pharmaceutical industry. We provide consultation on the conditions that must be fulfilled by particular entities operating in the pharmaceutical market. We also have unique experience in cases that combine pharmaceutical matters with patent issues (exclusivity of registration data, pharmaceutical patents, SPC). We have conducted many proceedings on the infringement of patent rights to pharmaceutical inventions, which are among the most challenging of patent disputes.
We also specialize in the preparation and assessment of contracts in pharmaceutical law, for example, licencing contracts, transfer of IP rights contracts, distribution contracts, standard sales contracts, factoring contracts.