Comprehensive Service of Companies and Business Projects

We provide a comprehensive corporate service of companies, foundations and associations, covering the implementation and maintenance of corporate governance, a comprehensive analysis of business activities, considering registration issues, amendments to contracts and articles of association, personnel matters and other corporate issues. We prepare and assess commercial contracts connected with the activities conducted by our Clients and we also service companies as workplaces.
Our services in particular include the preparation of a detailed plan and operational timetable, as well as the preparation of alternative legal and business solutions, identifying and assessing legal risks, the coordination of activities undertaken by the Client’s employees and the conduct of any training courses, due diligence, consultation, the preparation and conduct of tender, competition and offer proceedings, including public procurement, representation of Clients in commercial relations and negotiations with project financing entities, subcontractors, insurers and other financial institutions, and the provision of support regarding the preparation and archiving of documentation from the entire project realization process.