Patent disputes are usually extraordinarily complicated; skill in material and procedural law are essential to conduct them effectively, as is a deep scientific knowledge.
As a patent law office, we have an experienced team of lawyers and patent attorneys (including European patent attorneys) who are specialists in the fields of chemistry and technology, and we are able to ensure successful patent protection to our Clients on each of these complementary areas. We have conducted many proceedings related to the infringement of patent rights to pharmaceutical inventions, which belong to the most challenging of patent disputes.
Our patent attorneys (with legal qualifications as well as chemical and technical training) also provide a fully comprehensive patent service. We prepare the documentation required to submit an invention to the Polish Patent Office and the European Patent Office (EPO) as well as the documentation necessary to submit an invention overseas in the international system (PCT). We validate European patents in Poland. We also conduct patent clearance research for inventions, that is patent research aimed at avoiding the infringement of another’s exclusive rights. Patentability research by the Patent Office requires, first of all, determining whether the submitted solution can be considered an invention.
We cooperate with experienced patent law offices all over the world, through which we monitor both the patent application progress and the deadlines for making the payments to foreign patent offices required for patent protection.
We also specialize in the valuation of intellectual property, particularly patents. We assess the value of patents and technological solutions in the fields of, among others, medicine, construction and electronics.