New Technologies

An increasing part of our Client’s activities is conducted through the internet and requires information technology support.
Consequently, our Law Office takes care of the preparation and negotiation of IT contracts, in particular licencing contracts, implementation contracts, service contracts, co-location contracts and other programming and computer infrastructure contracts. We advise our Clients in electronic trading, internet marketing, the compatibility of marketing campaigns conducted through social media with their regulations. We also prepare and verify internet service regulations.
With respect to contentious issues, we represent our Clients in proceedings concerning new technologies, with a particular focus on issues of infringements of copyrights or intellectual property rights in the internet. We conduct proceedings regarding the protection of internet domain names and cybersquatting, both before the Arbitration Court of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT) and the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic (ECCR), dealing with the resolution of disputes concerning .eu domains.