Labour Law

We advise both employers and employees in matters of labour law.
We offer a continuous service, in particular:
– Preparation of documents relating to the working relationship: drafting employment contracts, managerial contracts, employer’s declarations concerning the termination of an employment contract;
– Drafting employment regulations, reimbursement regulations, social security fund regulations, collective bargaining agreements;
– Representing and supporting employers in negotiating employment conditions and specific contractual provisions with employees and job applicants;
– Comprehensive legal assistance in employment restructuring processes, in particular the necessity for the employer to carry out reductions covered by the provisions of the Particular Principles of Employment Termination for Reasons Not-Related to Employees Act, preparation of all documentation relating to collective redundancies, including in particular, consultations with trade unions, letters of termination of an employment contract with an employee;
– Court representation of employers in all employment disputes, as well as in non-judicial disputes (including mediation proceedings) in matters relating to the termination of employment, payment of remuneration, determination of the existence of an employment relationship, discrimination and harassment, and in proceedings for the payment of overtime and allowance for annual leave;
– We provide continual support in inspection proceedings conducted by the Chief Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and the Social Security Office (ZUS);
– We prepare legal opinions on the current application of the Labour Code and the Civil Code by employers (in relation to civil law contracts);
– We ensure legal services in relation to the employment of foreign nationals, we continually advise the employers with whom we cooperate about planned legislative changes in the field of labour law and social security and adjust all regulations and documents to these changes;
– We provide training for selected groups of employees;
– We provide substantive support and legal advice on labour law and social security in due diligence proceedings; – Acquisitions of workplaces