Efekty naszej pracy są zauważane i doceniane przez polskie i międzynarodowe rankingi prawnicze. Kancelaria na przestrzeni ponad 12 lat działalności była wielokrotnie wyróżniana w dziedzinie Prawa własności intelektualnej, Prawa farmaceutycznego i Life Science. Otrzymaliśmy rekomendacje od Polityki „Insight”, dziennika Rzeczpospolita, Chambers Europe, Managing Intellectual Property, IP Stars, Intellectual Property Awards, World Trademark Review (WTR1000), Legal Awards.


FORBES- Najlepsze Kancelarie Polska 2023

Z radością informujemy, iż kancelaria KONDRAT i Partnerzy w zestawieniu Forbesa „Najlepsze Kancelarie Polska 2023” po raz kolejny otrzymała rekomendację w dziedzinach prawa:
The Patent Lawyer Magazine

The Patent Lawyer Magazin

Kolejne wyróżnienie dla KONDRAT i Partnerzy! Z radością informujemy, iż zostaliśmy uznani przez The Patent Lawyer Magazine jedną z 10 najbardziej szanowanych kancelarii w Polsce!

Wyniki rankingu dostępne poniżej:


Legal 500 EMEA 2022

„IP and pharmaceutical law expert Mariusz Kondrat, Andrzej Przytuła, Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba and Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause jointly lead the patents and trademarks team at Kondrat & Partners. The group handles domestic and cross-border matters, including trademark matters for pharmaceutical companies and litigation cases involving infringement, look-a-like and fake products and counterfeit goods. The team is adept at representing clients before the Polish Patent Office, EPO, EUIPO and WIPO.”
„Kondrat & Partners is an IP and life sciences boutique firm which advises local and global pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, hospitals and food and cosmetic producers. Core areas of practice include licensing, distribution, manufacturing and consumer protection. The practice is jointly led by pharmaceutical law expert and managing partner Mariusz Kondrat and Justyna Stefańczyk-Kaczmarzyk, who has expertise in both the pharmaceutical and food sectors.”

FORBES- Najlepsze Kancelarie Polska 2022

Z radością informujemy, iż kancelaria KONDRAT i Partnerzy w zestawieniu Forbesa „Najlepsze Kancelarie Polska 2022” otrzymała rekomendację w dziedzinach prawa:
IP stras

IP STRARS 2022- Trademark prosecution (Tier 2) , Trademark contentious (Tier 3)

Cieszymy się, że po raz kolejny kancelaria KONDRAT i Partnerzy znalazła się w międzynarodowym rankingu Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars. Otrzymaliśmy wyróżnienie w kategoriach:

– Trademark prosecution (2022): Tier 2
– Trademark contentious (2022): Tier 3


Intellectual Asset Management - Patent 1000 (patent prosecution)

„The talented patent attorneys, lawyers and engineers at KONDRAT & Partners provide comprehensive, forward-thinking advice that helps inventors turn their ideas into protected assets in the most optimal way. They have recently been assisting the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (Polish Academy of Sciences) with the protection of 20 key patents. Mandates of this scale and with such promising commercialisation opportunities demand a team with deep scientific knowledge and extensive experience – and together Mariusz Kondrat and Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba are that and more. Kondrat is a European patent attorney who has spent many years coordinating productive international filing strategies; while doctor of technical science Jezierska-Zięba has extensive insight in the research field. Working alongside them is the versatile Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause, who handles every brief with a distinctly personal touch. The trio have lately been representing the University of Wroclaw in registering 100 patents before the Polish Patent Office, the EPO and WIPO.”
IP stras

IP STARS 2021- Patent Prosecution (highly recommended)

Kancelaria Kondrat i Partnerzy oraz indywidualnie dr Mariusz Kondrat i dr Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba otrzymali wyróżnienie IP Stars 2021 w międzynarodowym rankingu Managing Intellectual Property w kategorii Patent Prosecution (highly recommended).

Legal 500 EMEA 2021

‘I appreciate Kondrat & Partners for openness and availability every time they are needed. I am always impressed by the level of expertise they are able to bring and very broad experience in the legal area.’
‘This firm is highly professional and ethical.’
‘The firm puts a lot of effort to hire people who match their internal culture (openness and availability). The team which I was working with was always kind and polite, treated me as a partner not as a client.‘
IP stras

IP STRARS 2021- Trademark prosecution (Tier 2) , Trademark contentious (Tier 3)

Kancelaria KONDRAT i Partnerzy została wyróżniona przez międzynarodowy ranking Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars 2021 w dwóch kategoriach:
• trademark prosecution (Tier 2)
• trademark contentious (Tier 3)
Znaleźliśmy się kolejny rok z rzędu wśród najlepszych kancelarii w Polsce specjalizujących się w prawie własności intelektualnej, w tym znaków towarowych. Gratulacje dla partnerów: Andrzeja Przytuły i Ewy Niesiobędzkiej-Krause.

Chambers Europe 2021

“Mariusz Kondrat is a respected IP lawyer assisting pharma as well as FMCG clients with trade mark and patent protection, including contentious cases. He represents clients before the Polish Patent Office as well as EUIPO.”

World Trademark Review 2021

„Impressive, highly experienced and immensely knowledgeable” is the verdict on KONDRAT i Partnerzy. Its practitioners have embraced a collaborative culture, working hand in glove to assist start-ups, SMEs and conglomerates across the trademark spectrum. On the non-contentious front, it has recently been registering rights for P4, one of the country’s top three telecommunications providers; and strategising for Polish-American pharmaceutical company US Pharmacia. (…) Another noteworthy highlight is its work for a local cosmetics producer, whose marks are now registered and protected in the European Union, Canada, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This feat was accomplished by Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause, “a reliable lawyer” who gracefully navigates any contentiousdivide.”

IP Stars 2020

“IP boutique Kondrat & Partners is recognised for patent protection work. The team consists of lawyers, patent attorneys and technical assistants. European patent attorney Mariusz Kondrat is a key contact in the firm. Case studies show the firm advised packaging company Witoplast on Polish and international patent protection.”

LMG Life Sciences Awards Europe 2020 (Life Sciences Firm of the Year - Poland)


Intellectual Asset Management - Patent 1000 - Top Patent Professionals

“KONDRAT & Partners has a superb office where attorneys prepare applications at the highest level. With rich experience in the life sciences, its lawyers are wholly dedicated to their field. They handle every matter with utmost care and precision, and, where necessary, use their wider support network as well.” Providing staunch leadership to the troop is the “dynamic and innovative” Mariusz Kondrat. As a patent attorney and a lawyer, he assiduously guides clients from ideation to creation and tenaciously enforces their rights too. Making her debut in the guide this year, Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba “is immensely knowledgeable in the field of organic chemistry and has the ability to effectively manage a company’s patents on an international scale”. Together, they advise leading pharmaceutical players such as US Pharmacia and SEQUOIAPharmaceuticals.”

Legal 500 EMEA 2020 - Intellectual Property

“Kondrat & Partners is dedicated to IP and provides trade mark, copyright, patent, industrial design and trade secrets advice to a variety of Polish and international clients. The group notably acts in claims before the Polish and EU patent offices, and it is also strong for commercialisation advice. European patent attorney, advocate and founding partner Mariusz Kondrat has a strong track record in pharmaceuticals cases and jointly leads the team alongside industrial property expert Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause, portfolio management specialist Andrzej Przytuła, and Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba, who has technical expertise across the engineering disciplines.”

Legal 500 EMEA 2020 - Healthcare and Life science

“Kondrat & Partners’ team is jointly headed by pharmaceutical law expert Mariusz Kondrat and Justyna Stefańczyk-Kaczmarzyk, who is a noted expert in pharmaceutical and food law. It is instructed by a number of international companies with life science operations in Poland on the spectrum of day-to-day issues, as well as obtaining marketing authorisation. On the contentious front, the group is instructed by a range of clients in proceedings before the Polish authorities, particularly in relation to wholesale permits and distribution issues. Sławomir Molęda is another key member of the team, specialising in medical and pharmaceutical law.”

Chambers Europe 2020

“Mariusz Kondrat advises many life sciences clients on IP infringement cases, including patents and trade marks. Clients note his succinct advice, with one reporting that „he doesn’t talk much but he’s very to the point,” and describing him as „someone who can point to what he thinks is the best solution.”

World Trademark Review 2020

“Registering violet as a brand color for leading telecoms company PLAY was the showstopping moment of the year for the expanding team of highly skilled IP rights specialists at KONDRAT & Partners. With few colors registered at the Polish Patent Office, this marked a significant coup for the company and its client. The architect behind this outstanding achievement was managing partner and pharmaceutical and life sciences doyen Mariusz Kondrat – “an experienced and reliable adviser who is responsible for handling the most impressive trademark portfolios”. Co-captain of the trademark department and renowned author Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause recently teamed up with Kondrat to handle potential actions and unfair competition analysis for global cosmetics company Avon.”

Legal 500 EMEA 2019 - Intellectual Property

“Lawyers at specialist IP and life sciences firm Kondrat & Partners stand out for their 'extensive knowledge of IP law and current market trends’. Andrzej Przytuła and founding partner Mariusz Kondrat advise US Pharmacia on the full scope of IP matters, including searching, applying, filing and registering trade marks. Alongside Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause, Kondrat is representing Accord in patent disputes and patent invalidation proceedings before the Polish Patent Office. Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba is another key name.”

Legal 500 EMEA 2019 - Competition/Antitrust

“Healthcare and life sciences boutique Kondrat & Partners has a particularly active practice relating to unfair competition disputes and consumer protection in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, in which the team is noted for providing 'reliable advice and opinions’. Mariusz Kondrat and Justyna Stefańczyk-Kaczmarzyk are representing Novascon Pharmaceuticals in various competition and consumer law proceedings before the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.”

Chambers Europe 2019

“Mariusz Kondrat of Kondrat & Partners is recognised for his expertise in patent protection. He is also noted for his work on trade mark registration. He is commended for his knowledge of the pharmaceuticals industry.”

World Trademark Review 2019

“Kondrat & Partners is a reference for brand owners in the pharmaceutical sector. “Experienced and reliable adviser” Mariusz Kondrat, the ensemble’s managing partner, has helped shape pharmaceutical law in Poland and written commentaries on it. However, it operates with finesse across a diverse variety of sectors giving clients of all stripes a superior customer service; the innovative firm deploys a self-developed management system giving clients 24/7 online access to their trademark files. Head of the trademark division Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause understands that every client and case is unique and does a fantastic job customising her work and service in response.”

Chambers Europe 2018:

“Mariusz Kondrat of Kondrat Law and Patent Office offers expertise in a wide range of IP matters, particularly in relation to patents and trademarks. He advises clients from the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries”.

World Trademark Review 2018 (WTR1000) – Top Trademark Professionals:

„KONDRAT & Partners strengthens legal protection for a wide range of goods, services and businesses, and offers a tailor-made approach to meet the needs of clients for whom intellectual property is a vital part of their business, including brand owners and life sciences companies. An expert on IP protection within the pharmaceutical sector, “experienced and reliable adviser” Mariusz Kondrat astutely steers the firm so that its diverse team is always looking in the same direction as its clients. Legal counsel Justyna Stefańczyk-Kaczmarzyk blends expertise in copyright, trademark, unfair competition and advertising law to great effect. Like her senior colleague, she also has an impressive understanding of pharmaceutical IP law.”

IP Stars 2018 – Patent Edition:

„Kondrat & Partners provides comprehensive patent services, specialising in industrial property, pharmaceuticals and life sciences issues. Mariusz Kondrat is one of the skilled patent attorneys at the firm and has written on pharmaceutical law for respected publications. Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba is a partner and patent attorney at the firm. She is an expert in chemistry and worked at the Industrial Chemistry Institute for 10 years before joining the firm”.

IP Stars 2018 – Trademark and Copyright Edition:

„Boutique law firm Kondrat & Partners is recommended for IP protection and disputes. The key trade mark practitioners in the firm are Justyna Stefańczyk-Kaczmarzyk, Mariusz Kondrat, Ewa Niesiobędzka-Krause and Andrzej Przytuła. They are supported by a team of trade mark attorneys and lawyers”.